The Greatest Lie

"Race is not a biological category that naturally produces health disparities because of genetic differences. Race is a political category that has staggering biological consequences because of the impact of social inequality on people’s health."
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Examples of dogs represented in ancient Mexican art.

All of these artifacts date from 200 BCE to 500 CE. The first is from Nayarit, and the rest are from Colima. The dog in last sculpture is shown to be wearing a human mask.

Courtesy of & currently located at the LACMA, via their online collections.

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Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Mexican Pottery Oil Lamp.


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I need these

I need these

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Wadi Al-Salaam (Arabic وادي السلام; Valley of Peace) is an Islamic cemetery, located in Shia holy city of NajafIraq. It is reputed to be the largest cemetery in the world.[1] It is estimated more than half a million corpses are interred in the cemetery each year. 

btw. good luck for the Winchesters 

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Did some urban exploring at the Brewster Recreation Center.


Green Fire!

Making green fire involves mixing borax with ethanol and setting it alight in a pyrex/borosilicate vessel (normal glass will just crack and shatter from the heat).

The Science:

This is just like a great big flame test. When boron compounds are heated, electrons absorb a certain amount of heat energy that causes them to jump to higher energy levels. After some time, the electrons lose this energy and fall back down to their original levels, emitting this energy in the form of light. Because the energy absorbed by electrons is different per element, each element will give a different colour. Boron gives a bright green colour. Any other colours such as orange and yellow are probably due to impurities in the mixture such as carbon.


63 Alfred Street Detroit Michigan

63 Alfred Street Detroit Michigan